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Belt Clip for TacPack Sand Shark

Belt Clip for TacPack Sand Shark

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Belt clip attachment for TacPack's Sand Shark.



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Customer Reviews

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William Kelsey

This supposed $300+ dollar knife came with a sheath, but no way to attach it to anything. I went on their website to see if one was even available, and discovered that the clip was the ONLY thing on their site related to this knife. Clip was almost $20, WITH a discount code that I found online...and it didn't even come with instructions or a guide as to how to orient/mount the clip to the sheath.

1) For the price of this knife, the
attachment accessory should have
come WITH IT.

2) Only 2 screws attach the clip to the sheath, no matter how you orient it.

Ron Lowe
Belt clip tack pack sand shark

Couldd be smaller. No way to carry on the frontant and bend over at the same time. Also I wish the release was located on the side its too easy to accidently hit when caring on the side when bending over.

TacPack Sand Shark belt clip

The Sand Shark knife and sheath is very nice and great quality. I was less than impressed with the belt clip. It does not really attach well to the sheath and no adjustability at all. Maybe I am doing the install incorrectly but it only seems to go one way. I was just expecting more after I saw the quality of the knife. Maybe some instructions would help.