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4-40 Low Head Socket Cap Titanium Screws

4-40 Low Head Socket Cap Titanium Screws

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QTY 25 Sold as a 25 pc. pack!

These Ultra high precision Grade5 titanium screws are made in house on our Citizen Swiss.

The torx heads are milled, not broached.

The head diameter is .183" (perfect for a 3/16 counterbore)

The head height is shallower than standard socket cap screws and measures .055"

They are available in Torx8 Torx10 as well as our propriatary "007" screw. (you will need to purchase our house made driver to install the "007" screws. If you purchase 500 screws, the driver is free.

You may request a sample by emailing Please contact us if you would like to buy more than 1000 screws as we can give you a bulk discount.


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